The Mobile Detailer



While exterior detailing is a continual effort in many cases, “re-detailing” should never be in question. Properly corrected paint can be easy kept scratch & blemish free with mindful care methods and attentive application. From a thorough hand wash to unmatched levels of paint correction, our selection of exterior detailing options can perfect your vehicle on the first visit! Services can be combined, stacked, or implemented in any car care routine you have or wish to build with us. We tailor our treatments to your vehicle’s needs, and can easily develop a care plan implemented specifically to your car.


An automobile is a major investment, whether it’s purchased for personal or business use. It’s only logical for you to protect your investment with proper maintenance that will keep its interiors looking clean and fresh. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Cleaning a vehicle’s interior requires significant time and effort which most of us just can’t allocate to our automobiles. A lot of us would rather pay professionals a small price to do the job faster and more effectively than most of us can do.

Here at The Mobile Detailer, we understand that and we offer professional automobile interior cleaning services in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We have the experience, the manpower and the equipment needed to thoroughly clean any vehicle’s interior, whether it’s a car, an SUV, a small truck or a van. We’re great at getting rid of debris, removing stains and deodorizing practically any type and size of vehicle you may have.

It doesn’t matter if your car has soiled upholstery, a funky smell or marks from beverage spills. We are perfectly capable of getting rid of all that and making your auto’s interior as good as new. We specialize in cleaning upholstery, leather, metals and even high tech electronic accessories in your vehicle. When you entrust your automobile to us for cleaning, we treat it like it belongs to a family member so you can be sure it’s in good hands.

Call The Mobile Detailer today and inquire about our interior cleaning services for automobiles. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have and they can set up a cleaning schedule for your vehicle. If you have an emergency mess in your auto that needs immediate attention, don’t hesitate to dial our number because we can attend to even the most urgent of needs. For general inquiries, you may also reach us via email through our Contact Us page.


Remember how good your car’s finish looked when you first saw it on the showroom floor? The depth and gloss of the paint is what made you fall in love with the car in the first place, and it is exactly that which draws the most attention. Sure your car’s finish may still shine, but shine means nothing without the depth and clarity that only comes from proper machine polishing performed by an Advanced Paint Correction Specialist.

Paint correction (swirl removal), is a labor intensive process utilizing nano-technology abrasives (compounds and polishes) applied either by random orbital or rotary buffers…or both. The art of safe, modern, and proper buffing techniques is what separates the true professional detailer from all the rest, and it is a skillset that is mastered by very few.

My slogan says it all: “Quality is not expensive…it’s priceless!”

So give us a call or schedule your detail appointment right from our website. We strive to make your detail experience the easiest and least stressful possible. That is how I always wanted it, and I have trained all my employees to treat each vehicle we have the honor to detail as if it were their own vehicle. With this mentality, we are more obsessive and devote the extra time needed to give you the best detail service you will ever receive.