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On-site Auto Detailing

& Hand Carwashing

We are a mobile auto detailing and car wash, servicing the greater Spartanburg areas, with over 21 years of experience in the detailing industry.

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(Prices are subject to change due to condition.)

Basic Detail $50

  • Hand wash all painted surfaces with Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax.
  • Clean and dress tires with Meguiars Endurance Gel.
  • Vacuum and dust all interior surfaces, including cup holders, seats, carpets, etc…
  • Clean and polish all interior and exterior windows to a streak free clear surface.
  • Wipe all door jambs.

Interior Detail $200

  • Steam clean and extract all seats, carpets, upholstery surfaces, etc…
  • Thoroughly clean all cup, holders, ashtrays, doorpanels, dashboard, vents, cracks, crevices, etc…
  • Condition all leathers avinyl surfaces.

(This service also includes a FREE Basic Detail, worth $50.)

Exterior Detail $200

  • Handwash and decontaminate all painted surfaces.
  • Correct and polish all painted surfaces with an All In One Correction cream (Stage 1 Correction Process, ask about out Stage 2, and Stage 3 Corection Process.)

(This service also includes a FREE Basic Detail, worth $50.)

Customer Reviews

Our Work is guaranteed

Sarah Andrews

“So convenient, they cleaned my cars at my home, and my windows have never been so clean.”

Thomas Simms

“I will be calling you again, my .”

Benji Hamilton

“They removed all of the dog hair from my van. I was so amazed with their work and customer service.”

Dorothy Wheeler

“My headlights are clear once again. Thanks!!!”

Randal Hankins

“My work truck have never been so clean. I’m glad I found you guys! No more mud is on my carpets.”

Pam Nicholson

“I am a soccer mom, so it’s really a convenience to have these guys clean my family van on a weekly basis.”